Technical warranty

* Multiple Reusable Inhalers have a technical warranty of up to 3 months. The warranty period for different products (models and manufacturers may vary).

* Inhaler chargers come with a 14-day technical warranty.

* Inhaler tanks, heating elements are not covered by the technical and money back guarantee.

* After receiving the product, we recommend that you check it immediately.

* Upon receipt of the defective product, please report the same day)

The technical warranty does not apply if

* The product is damaged due to the buyer’s own fault.

* Damaged commercial appearance.

* A defective product that is not damaged due to the buyer’s fault – we will replace it with a new one.
Return guarantee

* Money Back Guarantees DO NOT APPLY to Inhalers, Mods, Tanks, Heating Elements, eJuices, Concentrates, Raw Materials.